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TeManawa tips the scales do not get use to the idea of Sorrows plan 2013

In front of you use to it complacent is the view Surrounded by the power seekers being kept in control subtly aiming you to get use to it Immense the day of subterfuge keeping all confused No leader but the … Continue reading

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A little goes a long way 2013

What is given can be taken away Strive now for a better today Do not ease on those who can not see Be true to God to please Small the seed blown mighty the tree grown


Fault not the knowing

Lay no blame against the known it is faultless Look towards the inner self and flame to realise truth has grown What lays ahead sure and true Keep it to yourself or others will lay claim All lost self to … Continue reading


Endless circles of deceit 2015

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Devils Den July 2015   Cut away from those who would go about doing things the same way as gone before What is broken should never be reinstalled as it will be endless failure never more Discovered walk away for … Continue reading


Immaculate Heart 2013

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How I weep for all that is beneath Gods laws suffering for the view of man made fall Broken once again all that has gone before the same enslavement and the money changes so much worse bubbling over How I … Continue reading


Witnesses of The Heart 1996 to current

  No less than three at every point. Always standing by my side watching as I lift to Heavens door In silence as I surrender to the dawn Words from my lips the seeds blown upon the winds¬† to lay … Continue reading


Signs in the heavens and on earth.


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TeManawa takes on the sins of the world. Signs of Life 1995

  If I was to say the things to you that you have said to me If I were to do the things to you that you have done to me The world would be a dying place If I … Continue reading

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