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The wonder of the universe

  Is not the universe wonderous?. Each star, each planet, each comet all serving their purpose in the fabric of creation whole and complete. Some shinning brighter some dimmer but all part of the whole.   Each creating its own harmony … Continue reading


Our destiny calls

I am so pleased to see many returning to the higher path to walk with me. I wish to thank all including elders who came forward last week. I am humbled by your faith in me. And your awareness that … Continue reading


What is ascension

It is not  false belief. For example your weak if you do not expose yourself to abuse on Marae or for convenience sake there is no second coming because one does not understand or comprehend ascension. It is not saving … Continue reading


The Heart Salvation Plan 2014

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11th July 2014 Hongi Hika; ” I have come to apologize for the behavior of my people”. How one treats The Heart,  The tablets of the heart, and the Heart template originally known as the Restoration plan is how one … Continue reading