UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

What’s On The Minds Of Democrats – Democrat Convention In SF

Special report gets an inside look at the minds of the left

† Democrats Officially Vote to Become Party of the Non-Religious†

The Sheep and the Goats
31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.


UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

Leader of Mexico-based church arrested on child rape charges in California

UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

Trio of earthquakes rattles Southern California

Moving to have a better life where a light shines and dreams can happen isn’t Gods way. Dream where you are, build your country to be a shining light and strive for your people to have a better life. Dust to dust, your land where you are born is that connection, your place of belonging and within it your life purpose. Travel by all means and see the world that one is part of but always remember this “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.” – St. Augustine

UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres UPDATE: Grass fire in California Valley area grows to 750 acres

Sandpiper@darhar981·6hDemocrats have turned California into a problem-plagued burning nightmare. High Taxes High Gasoline Prices Homelessness Living in Dark Towns on Fire #Newsom#Pelosi#Finestein multi millionaires not effected..

California’s Early 2020 Primary Is Pushing Presidential Candidates To Talk To Latino Voters.

California Republicans don’t want tariffs on Mexico, but won’t fight Trump

Dem Lt. Gov. Wants US to Turn Into California RBG 7 FOLD RET 144000

Share this exclusive interview to fight back against big tech’s censorship agenda

Globalist have fallen yet still they plan, manipulate, and stagnate in their agenda

Argentinian President Claims Former Obama Official Asked The Country To Provide Iran With Nuclear Fuel IN THE LABYRINTH WITH NO WAY OUT

California Braces For More Quakes After 7.1 Magnitude Strikes California

6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck same region Thursday just a foreshock Earthquake: 4.5 quake near Ridgecrest, Calif.
Grasshoppers swarm over the Luxor Hotel’s Sky Beam in Las Vegas, Nev., on July 26, 2019.
30/7/2019 Trump Takes Fresh Aim at Nancy Pelosi for Her ‘Failing’ California District

RBG 7 FOLD RET 144000 Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California. it is a warning from the protectors of the universe

BIZARRE footage showing hundreds of bees dead on the floor surrounding what appeared to be two 5G towers has gone viral.

3/8/2019 No where to run Confirmed: Bruce Ohr Funneled Wife’s Fusion GPS Docs To FBI

Here are the documents proving Clinton campaign the origin of Russia hoax



California earthquake sees 5.5 magnitude tremor hit Eureka – a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

HOLLYWOOD 29/7/2019

7The new wine dries up; the vine withers. All the merrymakers now groan. 8The joyful tambourines have ceased; the noise of revelers has stopped; the joyful harp is silent.… Rothschild UN Soros running to script!·10hBREAKING NEWS: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities RBG 7 FOLD RET 10 California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and UniversitiesCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a radical bill that would force colleges to provide free abortions on campus. The pro-abortion bill, Second earthquake felt across Northern California; 4.7 temblor hits near Hollister

Invasion RBG 7 fold RET 10

NY KAG2020@vision835 · 1h#PelosiIsAFraud @SpeakerPelosi not helping homeless in her own State of California,but goes to Jordan for what? #Ceasefire Won’t help Americans by introducing Trade Bill that would benefit all Americans #DoNothingDems wasting more taxpayers money by going to Jordan? #VoteRed


John F. Kennedy Jr.@John_F_Kennnedy·Oct 19 “It’s a rare honor to lie in state or honor in the Capitol. The last person to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda was President George H.W. Bush after his death last December. Before that, it was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in August 2018.”Cummings to lie in state in CapitolThe late Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), who died this week after a lengthy illness, will lie in state on Thursday in Statuary Hall, the old House chamber in the Capitol, Speaker Nancy

GmanFan45@GmanFan45·3hFirst Cummings now this crook Pelosi’s brother. House about to come down! #MAGAQuote Tweet

Nancy Pelosi@SpeakerPelosi · 6hMy brother Tommy was the finest public servant I have ever known. All his life, Tommy worked on the side of the angels. Now, he is with them. A TIME OF LOSS

Turd Ferguson



Well well look who had their photos taken with George Soros’s son this is Alex Soros

Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan

Cynthia@stand4honor·8hThe Rothschilds own PG&E. As Globalists and ppl who have been in control for hundreds of years, their acts are much bigger than California but the California narrative fits their larger agenda, in my opinionQuote Tweet

mwokep@MichaelPomeroy9 · 9hReplying to @Edward47058863 and @stand4honorSo socialist government can tax taxpayers more and profit. No wounder why PG&E has allowed their infrastructure to deteriorate and fail to back Ferderal Government to rebuild nations infrastructure. They are following the plan

Rich Gas @RichGas8·22hHarry Reid, and his son Rory’s Chinese connection: The Obama Administration Bundy Ranch land grab. #The200 “assisting Chinese solar energy corporation in acquiring “a 9k -acre (3,600-hectare) desert site,well below appraised value from Clark County.”The REAL Truth Behind Bundy Ranch Land-Grab in NevadaSusanne Posel , Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | The US IndependentApril 12,

BOMBSHELL REVELATION ON ANOTHER TRUMP COUP D’ÉTAT. FORMER ADMIRAL AND OBAMA’S LOYALIST JUST GOT OUSTED – RBG 7 fold ret 10 Already in Treason wants to make it worse for himself Unhinged Retired Admiral & Obama Loyalist Calls for Coup of President Trump:Remove Trump from Office ‘The Sooner the Better’. #Trump2020LandslideVictory TRUMP’S FREUDIAN SLIP LAST NIGHT ON FOX WAS BONE-CHILLING! Democrats in total abuse of power as they melt down All abuse of power is RBG 7 FOLD RET 10 THE DEMOCRATS HOAXES AND VICIOUS ATTACKS AND ATTEMPTS OF ASSASSINATION ON PRESIDENT TRUMP RBG 7 FOLD RET 10

TeManawaTheHeart #LetsDoItRight@TeManawa1·1hthe dems fail and fall againQuote Tweet

4 Laura Loomer for Congress R(21) Fl@JulieReichwein1 · 5hJordan’s King Abdullah Rejects Pelosi and Schiff By Endorsing Trump Withdrawal From Syria – Support MAGA Congressional candidates like #LauraLoomerForCongress instead of boneheads like Pelosi & Schiff

GmanFan45@GmanFan45·6hGet ready for the next prominent democrat to go away. @potus Jimmy Carter Fractures Pelvis, Is Hospitalized After FallThe former president, 95, was admitted to a Georgia hospital “for observation and treatment of a minor pelvic fracture,” the Carter Center says. It adds that Carter “is in good spirits.”


FIRE Them All2020@SandraHartle·8hReplying to @SpeakerPelosiThou doest protest too much m’lady about too many things. Should we be looking for violations that you made over 40 years? What would we find if we did perhaps a little steering of funds on your part, getting rich off our tax dollars?

Auckland light rail: PM says NZTA messed up and caused delays

AGENDA 30 AND UN GLOBALIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY RBG 7 FOLD RET 10 Do not get use to the idea of Soros (Time of sorrows)

GinaLovesTrump@Gina4DJT2020·1hDid someone say impeach?? Hey #Pelosi..THIS IS HOW ITS DONE

2019..The year of the #BoomerangGiuliani Files Impeachment Papers For Pelosi on Behalf of the White House.Rudy Giuliani strolled into the First Circuit Court of Writs today and recorded Articles of Impeachment for Nancy Pelosi. Giuliani co… Trump threatens to pull federal aid for California wildfires

Message delivered

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #MotheroftheWorld#MotheroftheNations#Christos of the Age

About TeManawa te ao

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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