Magic and bells

I have a lot to say, in life’s crazy play.
Of tall ships and candles.
Of wise owls and jandals.
Of summer’s saintly days.
Fairies that dance, of love’s broken chance.
Sherlock Holmes, Basset hounds,
and trumpets to the sound.
Of magic and bells.
The bonds of the heart, connected, apart.
The promise made a price to be paid.
Righting wrongs and truth set free.
Flight of the humble bee.
Of wishing wells, and magic spells
of children and lost youth.
A bull’s eye with the arrow of truth.
Of silent wisdom, keeping safe the kingdom.
Of egos and serpents, Satan’s faithful, servants.
Of visions, green stone, and dew drops.
All that’s foretold, and ancestors bold.
Of those who betray, I have a lot to say


by D Potroz