World without boarders

Te Rerengawairua


A world without boarders seems like a wonderful dream from very beautiful hearts and yet it is not so simple. Humanity has the capacity to see the good in others, the greater potential, yet individually is blind to ones own ability for this potential  seemingly never learns that self honesty peels away the veil of self deception and the truth that each behaves less than is desirable in that greater potential so easily glimpsed when viewing others.

This greater dream is being played out around the world and all can comprehend it is not working. Cultures do not assimilate, If one is Chinese one is always Chinese, if one is Islamic one is always Islamic, and if one is English one is always English. When those that planned and began to implement this dream of “we are all one” on the planet, they had no grasp of the spiritual and God laws that such an endeavor must be based on for any form of success.

What is seen readily by those paying attention to the world crisis is the intent to fill of the gap vacated by good hearts opening the space to embrace their fellow human beings with domination by those ready to dominate, to over take countries and take over countries and in this culture clashes are occurring with violent intent as religious belief also clash. All pawns in the game of chess being played for world dominance by a few who believe themselves to be above all humanity and so entitled to make choices for humanity as such.  Label them what you will they are all each and every one simply another individual on the planet formed into a group with pawns doing their bidding.

Worse still they are using the good nature of humanity, playing on the greater dream when all the while planing control, domination and the greatest of all  evils,  destruction of what they perceive to be humanity.

Everyone wants peace right? No they do not. In these hearts is dominance, control, power, greed and sheer  force of will that somehow they know better, are better than those being fooled and foolish by dreaming a beautiful dream for all humanity.

Politicians do not have the answer to this conundrum and thus force change upon the world with their choices, manipulation, social engineering and false belief that they do have the answers, if not for all humanity certainly for the elite, the wealthy, and the powerful. Often debating issues not even relevant for tedious weeks as though it is the greatest single concern of the moment when it i nothing but a diversion from what really is. Now many have realized that this is the deviousness of the plan being used against humanity not for good but for evil purpose.

Religious leaders believe they have the answers too, yet each religion has a false belief that their belief is the correct and only one conveniently forgetting their histories and the violence of their past. Carrying such betrayal of the spiritual and creation how can they hold any such answers to bring about a true change on earth?

So humanity blindly sets its course and sails on regardless of the rocks it is driving its ship onto.

This the greatest tragedy of all human histories. The outcome of course continued created wars,  self destruction, and lost civilizations. Archeology tells that tale over and over again throughout the world.

Is it then impossible to have occur a great dream for humanity? No it is not, yet it will not come from some great Politician or great Pope on earth. It will come from you, yes that is right, you.   I am not kidding. You can save humanity when you decide to save you. You can love humanity when you decide to love you. And you can bring peace to humanity when you decide to be at peace within you.

No one can force change on another, yet one can bring change to ones life by changing ones self. The path to this is simply within ones own heart,  the truths there will change one forever. The wisdom’s  reside there. The love unconditional lives there as does the greater dream and ones part, path and way in it. Tune into your heart and bring truth into the world what follows then is love and peace.

When one has accomplished this one is truly walking in the light and fulfilling ones purpose. Everyone is at differing stages of growth and is allowed to learn by their mistakes. There are no accidents in the universe every moment offers learning growth and if one is being true – acceptance. Why acceptance? one may ask and it is simple for in accepting one can in ones self honesty find the point the choice where one did not honor ones inner knowing and created a trial for ones self and or for others.    It will be selfishness, self will and the moment of ignoring ones inner compass the was the cause.

Gods plan is perfect,  and trying to create a better one impossible. In humanities endeavor to be the creator every rule in Gods law book is broken. Humanities ego unbridled has cost earth and generations.

God never promised an easy path for this is what grows the spirit. God does promise victory over evil and free will ensures that all can choose when and where that shall occur.

Heaven has boarders, they are called gates and only those progressed in soul growth shall enter them. All  humans need to ask if they are worthy of such entry, no matter their religion or belief. One does not get to enter the gate of heaven because one is an immigrant, of an entitled religion or one is a wealthy and powerful person on earth. These will stand no one in good stead to gain such access.

Still so many desire boarder-less countries and in so many ways this great dream for humanity is understandable as most comprehend we all sleep under the same stars. This unites us physically it is does not unite us spiritually.

Many quote “we are all one” not comprehending the learning spiritually of what that means. Simply it is the comprehension that everything is connected. In this every thought, word, and deed has consequence to the all.  It does not mean we are all the same.

Thus one can only be self responsible and in this conduct ones self in the highest possible way for the state and stage one is at and in. It is not good professing such a great dream and being unable to be giving,  loving, tolerant, accepting, compassionate, and peaceful hence the great divide ongoing around the globe as the dark battles the light.

You can be the change by simply growing the light within your being and rejecting the dark. Now here is where it gets interesting because so many falsely believe that their way  of thinking is the correct thinking, belief, and thus way.  That’s right its not true, for if one is truly in ones heart where Gods truth resides all would be on the same page, that’s right on the same page. Universal law is the same regardless of humanity. Its Gods great design, Gods great plan in operation and it is active regardless of humanities mind and will. But you have free will right, yes you do its not the same as Gods will  which operates if you will as universal law, in other words it can not be altered by humanity where as your free will can be. No it can not you say, I am a strong person. Lies, betrayal, deceit, trickery are some of the ways ones free will choice is manipulated. So while one gives away ones power thus free will choice to another or others one is being manipulated. Gods will can not be – ever.

The heart is where everything to do with creation and God resides. When one turns away from the heart it hardens, closes, and eventually is so closed creation ceases to be as evil takes over and resides, as the destruction forces take over. No amount of justifying ones deeds of destruction be it destroy a statue of religion, great monuments of history, take a life, or country by force  will exempt one from Gods will and laws, so while one is slipping into the grips of destruction it is evil that takes up residence in the heart of those of such deeds.

So you see it is you that can save the world and humanity, all of you. Making a free will choice to turn to the light, to God the creator, to your own inner being, your own heart center which will lead to all I speak of. The result will be in the world if it is in you. No boarder or lack thereof will change this truth and until this truth is found by humanity no wall or boarder or lack thereof will bring the change such a great dream seeks.

God Bless


TeManawa The Heart